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Always Right Metal Wall Sign

This sign is sure to bring a few laughs! Vintage Style Living just got this one in! This embossed me..


Ampersand Marquee Sign

This Ampersand sign will add a little fun to your space. Vintage Style Living is pleased to offer yo..


Bar-B-Q Metal Wall Sign

This adorbable curly tailed pig is announcing what's for dinner. (Don't tell him!) This subtle tin B..


Be Healthy, Drink Milk - Metal Sign

This amazing sign does a country-style home good, that's the truth! We at Vintage Style Living are i..


Chickens Beware - Rooster Sign - Set of 2

That's right chickens, there's a new man in town! This one makes us smile - we'll just let him think..


Eat - Good Food Served Here - Metal Sign

We're not mincing words here, this sign tells it like it is! Eat! Good Good Served Here!  Enough sai..


Farm Fresh Milk - Metal Wall Sign

There's nothing better than farm fresh milk - except this cute sign! A throwback from the days of fr..


Farmhouse Wood Wall Sign

We have this Farmhouse Wood Sign that we know you'll love! Thirty inches long, this is perfect for a..


Free Range Eggs - Wood Wall Sign

What a great gift for that friend you get eggs from - or just for you! There's no egg like a fresh f..


Fresh Milk - Metal Wall Sign

We've said it before, but fresh milk...mmm.  Let's pretend we have some! This antiqued metal sign wi..


Fresh Produce - Large Metal Wall Sign

Simple and perfect, just like an old country store! Vintage Style Living absolutely loves this sign...


Fresh Produce - Locally Grown - Metal Sign

Trust us, this sign will look great in your kitchen or garden! Just imagine this 18-inch sign posted..


Honey for Sale - Metal Sign

Here at Vintage Style Living we love - adore - honey bees. Frankly, we think there aren't enough pro..


Locally Grown - Metal Sign

Where is it grown? Locally! Where is it from? The Farm! Three Cheers for farmers! We can't live with..


Never Mind The Dog - Cast Iron Sign - Set of 2

Okay, we all have this guy in the friend or family circle! This cast iron sign reads: Nevermind the ..


Self Service Laundry - Cast Iron Wall Sign - Set of 2

Sounds like something mom used to say, that means you gotta have it! Vintage Style Living pretty muc..


Set of 2 - Butcher's Pork Chart

Pork Chart Standing Sign The old fashioned way to map out your pork, and you'll find it right here! ..


Small House with a Big Welcome - Cast Iron Sign - Set of 2

For the lovers of small spaces, we have the sweetest sign for you! This cast iron sign reads: This i..


Star Marquee Sign

Baby, you're gonna be a star - but if not, you can have this one! This star is is pretty and rustic,..


Take My Advice - Cast Iron Sign - Set of 2

This sign makes you think 'Oh Grandma, you're such a card!' But really, didn't your grandma used to ..