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Thoughts on Winter Decorating

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Winter Decorations that Will Make You Never Want to Leave the House


Winter is a mixed bag: it is acceptable to beg off from unwanted engagements because “it’s coming down really hard,” or, “I think I might be getting a cough.” But once released from your obligations, you find yourself spending a lot of time at home. You need to make sure your house is properly winter-proofed so that you don’t experience a Shining-like loss of sanity. I’m sure if Jack Nicholson’s character just had access to the below tips, he would never have gone crazy. And maybe if those creepy twins hadn’t materialized. (Bonus tip: The Shining is a great movie to watch in the winter.)


Light it up. The foundation for a comfortable winter home is lain through the proper illumination of your spaces. Don’t settle for a dark or harshly lit apartment; buy some soft, yellow-toned bulbs to create a warm glow throughout your home. If you want more information about how to pick the right bulbs, check out this helpful CNET article.


Build distinct spaces. If you’re going to be spending entire weekends in one apartment, create lots of distinct spaces within that apartment, so that you don’t feel trapped. Use room separators, curtains, and furniture to create barriers, and lend different feels to those spaces. If you’ve always wanted a drawing room or a map room, now you can have them!


Keep yourself warm. This may sound like a no-brainer, but what I mean is that you need to make every room in your home warm enough to inhabit so that you don’t end up getting stuck in a pile of blankets on the corner of your couch closer to the space heater. This means investing in furnishings and decorations that insulate, heat, and add to the comfort of your home. Find things like blankets, pillows, rugs, heat-insulating curtains, and wallpapers, as well as bigger pieces like chests and headboards to keep out drafts.


Vintage Wire Soap Dish

Candles. The more, the better. Buy a bunch of cheap ones at Michaels and put at least one in every room. I know this sounds silly, but smelling new scents when you move around your space stimulates your senses, and reminds you that you are a human and that you live in a world of wonder and beauty. It can be easy to forget that in the winter.


Little touches. If you’re spending countless days in the same space, adding even small new flairs to that space will generate off-the-charts spikes in dopamine. Now is the time to indulge your most childish desires, or your most sophisticated partialities. Either way, yes, buy that funky Lego rose, and that lovely wire soap dish.


Mulled wine. This may not seem like it has anything to do with home decorating, but hear me out. Mulled wine blends ancient, soul-warming comfort with exotic, piquant accents, the exact same sensory experience your home should have! It is, therefore, just as much part of creating a warm winter home as any of the above tips.


And thus I have justified having a cup of mulled wine every evening. You’re welcome, and good night.




Bailey Holtz is a comedian and writer based in Chicago. She performs at iO, and sketch at The Second City. Her writing has been featured on The Second City Network.


She’s a graduate of the Harold Ramis Film School, the world’s only comedy-specific film program. She recently wrote, produced, and starred in a short film entitled Jammy Spaceplace!. She has a penchant-turned-love-turned-obsession for 1960s and 70s pop culture.


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