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Ah, the Glass...

Posted by Vintage Style Living 04/23/2018 1 Comment(s)

Ah, the Glass...


Ah, the glass. Perhaps the most underrated serving vessel. No one ever fawns over glasses like they do over plates, mugs, and grandma’s heirloom silverware. The problem is, the contents of the glass tend to take importance over the container itself (I will slurp up a Margarita even if you hand it to be in a tin can, for instance). Too bad for the glass.


Until now! Vintage Style Living has a vast collection of beautifully etched glassware, that is subtle but infinitely charming, and suitable for a vast number of occasions. Below are some events and celebrations at which our collection of glassware will fit perfectly!As you can see, there are all sorts of occasions at which this glassware will be perfect for your beverage service! Get yourself a few sets, and be prepared for whatever events – good or life-threatening – come up!

Roaring 20s Party. If we know anything about the 1920s, it’s that everyone was wealthy, everyone loved to get wild, and everyone was perpetually tipsy. What better groundwork for a party?! Pull out these Mid-Century Modern glasses and your guests will slip right into their roles as flappers and dandies.

Literary Parties. If you like entertaining AND reading, the beautiful Gatsby collection will suit your every need. Invite some friends over for a literary soirée, or sit on the couch all weekend with your best friend and reread all the Harry Potter novels again. (Hint: they’re definitely better with wine.)

Beyoncé Themed Party. If you or someone you know is having a Beyoncé themed party, which you and they should be doing, these Who Runs the World? glasses will have everyone shouting GIRLS! alllll night long.


Beach Wedding for Couple that Loves to Laugh. We all know that couple that laughs all the time, AND adores beaches! Well, if you happen to get invited to their beach wedding, bring them these pair of wine glasses, and then listen to their appreciative laughter!


Houseboat Christening. Okay, so your brother left his job, sold his condo and bought a houseboat. Help everyone at the housewarming party relax by providing some very strong wine in a very fitting glass. Now calmly insist to your mother that he’s just going through a phase.

For People with Talking Cats. Pour that cat some wine, for gosh sakes!

Set of 4 - Voyager Compass Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass Shipwrecked on an Island. So this isn’t really a party per se, but being shipwrecked definitely provides you with ample time to relax and enjoy a good strong drink. The Voyager Compass wine glasses can’t get you off the island, but they can get you pleasantly tipsy as you watch the sunset, and hear the island hyenas start to cry.

If You Are Walking in a Dark Alley at Night. Pacify that shadowy figure approaching you with a nip from this glass. It might just give you enough time to escape without having to resort to fast-paced physical combat.

When You Can’t Remember if You’re at the Lake or Not. If you, for some reason, keep forgetting that you are at the lake, allow these helpful glasses to remind you. Also, maybe you should see a neurosurgeon.


Pirate Attack. Show those pirates you’re not a scurvy curr by offering them a drink in this glass. They’ll be so delighted, you probably won’t have to walk the plank.


As you can see, there are all sorts of occasions at which this glassware will be perfect for your beverage service! Get yourself a few sets, and be prepared for whatever events – good or life-threatening – come up!




Bailey Holtz is a comedian and writer based in Chicago. She performs at iO, and sketch at The Second City. Her writing has been featured on The Second City Network.


She’s a graduate of the Harold Ramis Film School, the world’s only comedy-specific film program. She recently wrote, produced, and starred in a short film entitled Jammy Spaceplace!. She has a penchant-turned-love-turned-obsession for 1960s and 70s pop culture.


Find her work at baileyholtz.com

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