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Building a Vintage Patio

Posted by Vintage Style Living 03/31/2018 0 Comment(s)

Building a Vintage Patio


As March comes to a close, I finally feel safe in saying this: warm weather is almost upon us. This makes possible a myriad of outdoor activities: we can go for long walks, take bike rides, and start training for marathons. Alternatively, we can also make mixed drinks, grab our favorite novels, and park ourselves on the patio for the day. This is my preferred outdoor amusement.



After a snowy, icy winter, however, your patio might not be as inviting as you’d like it to be. I stepped outside this morning, and our backyard looks more like a community pool shower room. Lots of concrete, and very little privacy.


Enter patio furniture! Shopping for patio furniture is very different from shopping for interior furniture. You want your furniture to be attractive, but you also need to it to be sturdy and weather resistant. Because, let’s face it, determined as you might be, you probably won’t be running out into a summer thunderstorm to cover your lawn chairs with a tarp.


This is the beauty of vintage. Vintage furniture tends to be sturdy rather than dainty and is already attractively aged, so you won’t have to worry about preserving it in its original state. To jump-start your patio decorating, here are some vintage furniture ideas to try out:



Great decorators take advantage of the natural resources available in a location. And what’s more abundant outside than plants! Bring some of that wonderful greenery to your backyard in pots such as this gorgeous rustic urn, or this burned copper planter set. Both are sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather and beautiful enough to exist on their own, if, like me, you are genetically unable to keep plants alive.


Did you know that the first patio was built by a prairie family that wanted to sit outside on summer nights? That’s not true, but patios do seem like they were made for watching fireflies light up the yard on warm evenings. These garden lantern stakes are perfect for such occasions. You can even pop in some Citronella candles, and keep away pesky mosquitos.​​​​


Let’s say you’ve set yourself up comfortably outside; you have your magazine, your sunglasses, your sparkling limeade. But disaster strikes when you find your stomach grumbling! Do you trudge back into your dark kitchen to cook yourself something? No, that’s not the patio-dweller way! Instead, bring out this adorable chip & dip server filled with your preferred dip and dip-surface. They say it’s good for parties, but it’s also good for individuals. Trust me. I know.



I’d like to conclude by saying that just because lawn decorations must be robust, doesn’t mean they can’t be fanciful. This garden sink fountain absolutely melts my heart. Even if you don’t have a garden, I recommend buying this because it will make you feel like you live in a cottage in the countryside, and bake your own bread. It’s a nice feeling.





Bailey Holtz is a comedian and writer based in Chicago. She performs at iO, and sketch at The Second City. Her writing has been featured on The Second City Network.


She’s a graduate of the Harold Ramis Film School, the world’s only comedy-specific film program. She recently wrote, produced, and starred in a short film entitled Jammy Spaceplace!. She has a penchant-turned-love-turned-obsession for 1960s and 70s pop culture.


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