Silk Floor Plant

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Areca Palm w/Wicker Basket Silk Plant

Experience the mesmerizing, relaxing beauty that only a palm tree can deliver. This graceful Areca P..


Marginatum w/Wicker Basket Silk Plant

This jungle-like fern adds a sense of flair and excitement to any room it occupies. The elongated ja..


Mixed Greens w/Wicker Silk Plant

Show off your green thumb with this gorgeous selection of lush greens. With its numerous hues and im..


Mixed Greens Zebra w/Wicker Silk Plant

Spice up your décor anytime of the year with this luminous mix of greens. The distinctive color patt..


Mixed Greens Zebra w/Wicker Silk Plant

This majestic fern is bursting with nature’s splendor, and brings any room or office setting to life..


Spathyfillum w/Coiled Rope Wicker Silk Plant

This beautifully designed Spathyfillum adds a touch of glamour and elegance to any space. A trio of ..


Silk Floor Plant