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Bayside Lantern

8 in. dia. x 13 in. T A glass chimney is included. Lantern latches at the top for easy access. Shown..


Edmonton Candle Lantern

8¼"W x 6½"D x 14½ in. T Includes a glass chimney that is 4½ in. dia. x 7 in. T  Shown with a 3" cand..


Large Railroad Lantern

This cream lantern measures 10" square and 21 in. tall to top of handle. Features a door with a latc..


Mini Steeple Lantern

5½"W x 4½"D x 12 in. T Includes a glass chimney. Shown with a 2 in. dia. candle. Candle is not inclu..


White Railway Lantern

Measures 6 in. dia. at base and 16½ in. tall to the top of the handle. Glass chimney is included and..


Arabesque Lantern

6½" sq. x 15½ in. T Shown with a 3 in. diameter candle, not included...


Benson Candle Lantern

6½ in. x 5 in. x 10 in. Features a ring on the bottom that will accept a candle that is 2 in. diamet..


Carriage Candle Lantern

5 in. dia. x 12 in. T The top is hinged and closes with a swing latch. Includes a glass chimney th..


Chantilly Candle Lantern

10 in. x 6½ in. x 16 in. Shown with 3 in. dia. candles, not included...


Chatsworth Candle Lantern

11 in. x 9 in. x 18 in. Glass is included. Shown with a 3 in. dia. candle, not included...


Curtis Island Candle Lantern

5½ in. dia. x 11½ in. T Includes a glass chimney that is 3 in. dia. x 5½ in. T  Shown with a candle ..


Distressed Wooden Lantern with Drawers

With a white paint finish and weathered wood, this lantern showcases a rustic, earthy look that is v..


Half Gallon Mason Jar Butler Lantern

4¾ in. diameter x 12½ in. T Ventilated top and bottom keeps your candle burning cleanly. To replace ..


Hatteras Candle Lantern

7 in. dia. x 14 in. T Includes a 7¾"T glass chimney. Base of chimney is 3¾ in. dia. Candles are not ..


Keystone Lantern

This lantern measures 13¾ in. long, 7¾" deep and 20½ in. tall to top of handle. Light green finish ..


Large Greenville Pillar Candle Lantern

6" sq. x 15 in. T Glass is included and measures 4¼” dia. x 10 in. Shown with a 3" candle, not inc..


Large Hayworth Lantern

6" sq. x 9¾ in. T Features a door on one side. Shown with a 3 in. diameter candle, not included...


Large Jonah Candle Lantern with Glass

8½" sq. x 8 in. T Glass cup is included and measures 4 in. dia. x 7" high. Shown with a 3" candle..


Large Windowpane Lantern

12"W x 8"D x 20 in. T This large lantern has a door on the side that closes with a latch. Shown wi..