Candles + Candle Holders

Candles + Candle Holders

Add A Touch Of Romance To The Room!

Vintage Style Living believes that there's nothing quite like a set of candles to light up a room and add a special dimension of warmth and romance. When selecting the right candle holder, it's important to make sure they not only the type you want but also the style that works well with your interior. Our collection of unique candle holders includes traditional candle holders, hurricanes, lanterns and even lighting bars that come in all styles. Whether it's Rustic, Vintage traditional or even mid-century modern/retro we have it all.

For Hand-carved elegance, we recommend the Champagne Carved set. It has an Old World Charm that's hard to find. For something with a touch more traditional or even rustic flair, it's the Clifton lantern. It has a classic look that we simply love.

For a unique style that works well both indoors or out, it's the Ballantine lantern. The Wellington centerpiece is truly fantastic. So versatile it will look great in the living room or even on the dining room table and its rich, elegant look will work well every day or even as a special holiday décor piece.

Stylish décor items are what we are all about and our fantastic selection of candle holders are no different. We have partnered with some of the best names in home décor and we are constantly adding new items so check back often.

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3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Hazelnut

A mellow, nutty aroma of hazelnuts. Try super-scented Thompson's Crumbles in your shop today. Three ..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Toffee Crunch

Caramel-vanilla confection, this toffee treat will make you hungry for more. Try super-scented Thom..


Bayside Lantern

8 in. dia. x 13 in. T A glass chimney is included. Lantern latches at the top for easy access. Shown..


Edmonton Candle Lantern

8¼"W x 6½"D x 14½ in. T Includes a glass chimney that is 4½ in. dia. x 7 in. T  Shown with a 3" cand..


Large Railroad Lantern

This cream lantern measures 10" square and 21 in. tall to top of handle. Features a door with a latc..


Mini Steeple Lantern

5½"W x 4½"D x 12 in. T Includes a glass chimney. Shown with a 2 in. dia. candle. Candle is not inclu..


Quart Mason Jar Chimney

3¾"dia. at base and 6¾ in. tall. Shown with a candle that is 3 in. diameter. Lids, candles and oth..


Short Milk House Lantern

5½" sq. x 11 in. T This lantern opens with a latch on the front for easy access. Shown with a 2"dia...


Star Wall Sconce - Set of 4

Measures 3 in. wide, 15 in. tall and hangs 6¼" out from the wall. Star measures 2 in. wide. Accepts ..


Star Wick Dipper - Set of 6

1½ in. wide and 8 in. long. These useful Wick Dippers will change the way that you blow out a candle..


Virginia Lantern

10½"W x 7½"D x 15 in. T This large metal lantern has a latch on the side for easy access. It is show..


White Railway Lantern

Measures 6 in. dia. at base and 16½ in. tall to the top of the handle. Glass chimney is included and..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles

ApplewoodCrisp, sweet apples mingle with the clean fresh essence of a walk in the woods.Mulled..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Apple Dumpling

Fresh from the oven apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, in a golden brown pastry crust. Try super-scented Thom..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Applewood

Crisp, sweet apples mingle with the clean fresh essence of a walk in the woods. Try super-scented Th..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Butter Rum

Sweet caramel and butter. Try super-scented Thompson's Crumbles in your shop today. Three ounces are..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Caramel Apple

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3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Country Clothesline

The clean, fresh scent of linens dried in the sun. Try super-scented Thompson's Crumbles in your sho..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Crème Brulée

Vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar crust. Try super-scented Thompson's Crumbles in your shop t..


3oz Thompson's Crumbles - Daisy

Sweet daisy blossoms. Try super-scented Thompson's Crumbles in your shop today. Three ounces are pac..