Bungalow Cat Condo Tree 48

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Bungalow Cat Condo Tree 48"

Let this Cat Condo Tree be Your New Cat's Hangout

This 48-inch Bungalow Cat Condo Tree is perfect to place in the corner of any room. That's why here at Vintage Style Living this is one of our favorites for both style and space saving. The Bungalow is covered in an elegant soft Faux Sheepskin while the posts are covered in a tough Sisal Rope that will withstand the toughest of claws.

The ladder makes it fun to get to the second story residence while the two perches allow for a resting place or a great lookout post. They'll be batting the hanging toy mouse and rope for hours when they're not napping. The Bungalow Cat Tree assembles in minutes with simple step by step instructions and tools provided. 


  • Wood,Faux Sheepskin, Sisal Rope
  • Dimensions:
  • 48"(high) x 32"(long) x 23'(wide)
  • $178.00

Tags: bungalow, cat, condo, tree, 48”