Ways To Use Ceramic Garden Stools


Ways To Use Ceramic Garden Stools 




Thinking about how to add that pop of color to your patio or in your home? Then you should look at the ceramic garden stool. They are so versatile that they can be used both inside and outside. Here at Vintage Style Living, we’ve found some great ideas on how to incorporate these beautiful ceramic garden stools into your homes décor. 



Where Did The Garden Stool Originate From?


These beautiful ceramic garden stools originated in China and were first created as a wooden drum style stool. Approximately several thousand years ago the Chinese were beginning to move from a floor mat based living style to a raised floor style. In the beginning, they started out with a raised platform that was just a few inches off the ground. They used these for seating while eating and they usually had some type of mat on top so that they could be used for sleeping as well. China was considered the height of furniture making back in the Ming and Qing Dynasty eras where their work and style evolved.  During Archeological digs, they found paintings that depicted wooden barrels in gardens and that’s how the garden stool was discovered.




These paintings “Children Playing in an Autumns Garden” are by Song Dynasty painter Su Hanchen.


According to the National Palace Museum of China, "Children Playing in an Autumn Garden" depicts two round black stools with white floral decoration. Since few examples of lacquerware from the Southern Song survive, the black-lacquered round stools in this painting have often been cited as important evidence of it. One form of black lacquerware decoration is known as "mother-of-pearl inlay." However, since a pearl-like luster is not evident here, perhaps here it is more related to the "flat removal" type of lacquer decoration. In these two techniques, the first one involves the application of mother-of-pearl pieces to the lacquer, and the other gold or silver foil pieces, forming a pattern then covered with lacquer before being polished to reveal the decoration.



How To Decorate Your Patio Using Ceramic Garden Stools



Ceramic garden stools are very versatile that they can be used as a stool, a side table, and even a footrest. They are a great way to add color and texture to your outdoor living space since they come in a large verity of colors and patterns. The materials that they are made from can be stoneware, ceramic and also concrete, which can withstand the outdoor elements very well.

To create a focal point and also a coffee table, group three different heights and shapes together using the same color. This adds dimension and appeal to the area while adding a functional piece to be used as a table. We love how they grouped these beautiful green ornamental garden stools together to create a coffee table and add texture to the room.  



Photo Credit: Deck,  Patio & Outdoor Living Magazine



We love the ornate garden stool that they used here as a side table and adds the finishing touches to this Chinese garden.


Photo Credit: Deck,  Patio & Outdoor Living Magazine



Want to create a cozy traditional outdoor sitting area using ceramic stools? Then this is a perfect example of how to transform your patio into a beautiful relaxed living space. The bright yellows paired with the soft Blues and a touch of Kelly Green gives this area a cheerful and relaxed vibe. The mixing of different patterns and textures of the garden stools adds contrast and depth to the area.  


Photo Credit: This Old House




How To Decorate Your Home Using Ceramic Garden Stools



Just like using garden stools outdoors these decorative functional pieces can be used inside to create an element of design. The styles are endless when it comes to these ceramic stools from the ornate and contemporary to a traditional style.

Here are some excellent ways to decorate your home using these fabulous decorative accents.

Who would have thought of using one of these beautiful garden stools and a vanity seat? Well, that’s exactly what they did here in the photo below. This is a great example how to add texture to a room when combining an accent color and a pattern that complements one another. 


Photo Credit: Dream Fun Design



Another great idea for using these ceramic stools are in the bathroom. These are wonderful to use in a walk-in shower for an accent piece or in the corner of your bathroom. The photo below is an example of how they used this beautiful garden stool as an accent table in the shower. Not only does this create an element of design, but adds a functional piece that can be used multiple ways.


Photo Credit: Homedit


We love how they used this beautiful white ceramic garden stool in this bathroom as a plant stand. This adds a stylish textured accent piece that complements the design. 



Photo Credit: Providence Design


This garden stool adds a beautiful accent color and side table to this traditional style living room.  


Photo Credit: Huff-Dewberry


This green garden stool acts as a great book holder for this fun reading area. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors as accent pieces. They really can make a statement in any space. 


Photo Credit: Seven-Nation Army



As you can see there are so many different ways to use these functional accent pieces around your home. We hope that we were able to give you some great ideas whether you’re using these for your outdoor living area or inside. We have some great ceramic garden stools in our outdoor living area if you’re looking to add one of these fabulous pieces to your home’s décor.

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