Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas


 Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas 




Are you ready for Halloween? Well, Vintage Style Living is getting ready and we’re here to share some fun decorating ideas to make your front porch stand out this Halloween season. This is the time of the year were superstitions of witches, ghosts, vampires, and the walking dead come to life. Even if you’re not a big fan of Halloween, we have some great ideas to deck out your front porch from cute to scary. 



Sweet and Scary Halloween Front Porches


Let’s first start out with this easy Halloween theme that is cute and a little bit scary at the same time. Notice how they used a ceramic pumpkin and fall flowers to add a touch of cuteness, while the paper bats add that scare factor to complete the theme. 


Via: It All Started with Paint



Transform your fall décor into a spooky witch house theme. Just add some hanging bats and a pair of witches’ brooms by the front door to set the scene for this haunted house.


Via: Martha Stewart



This Halloween theme front porch is for the craft lovers out there. What a great project to get the whole family involved in. You’re going to need some help painting all of those pumpkins, so grab the kids and start painting! We love the cutout tree that’s on the door, from the road it looks like it’s growing on the porch. Don’t forget the Ravens for that extra WOW factor they finish off the look and give it that scary and creepy feel. 


Via: Midwest Living



The Scare Factor of Halloween



They went all out with this witch theme, it’s spooktacular! Make a recording that is on a loop with some scary sayings, like “come my little pretties and get some candy if you dare” ending it with a creepy laugh. 



Via: shelterness.com



We love this haunted western scene. This cowboy is still guarding the entrance, enter if you dare. Watch out for the Ravens that are lurking in the corners. 


Via: Pretty my



They went all out with this frightening Halloween display. Your neighbors will be terrified when approaching your front door.  Make a trip to your craft store and pick up some skeleton birds to hang and set on the hay bales along with some other scary props. We don’t recommend using real candles,  look for some LED ones instead. 


Via: house-of-five.com



Spiders always amp up the fear factor. They created this fun and scary spider theme using cheesecloth, plastic spiders, and lighting. Remember lighting is key when decorating. 


Via: thegardenglove.com



We hope that we inspired you to start decorating your front porch for Halloween. Be sure to leave a comment, we always love to hear from our customers and feel free to share your own Spooktacular Halloween decorated porch with us.



Happy Decorating,

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