French Farmhouse Decorating Ideas In 6 Easy Steps


French Farmhouse Decorating Ideas In 6 Easy Steps


What is French Farmhouse Style?


The French Farmhouse style is where European elegance and the country style come together, emphasizing simple elegance combined with country comfort. Incorporating Old World elements with new ones will give a room character and warmth. The French Farmhouse décor includes bright colored fabric, textured walls, and distressed painted furniture. Slipcovers, antiques or reproduction antiques, and cast iron light fixtures are all examples of this style. The fun part in decorating in this style is searching and finding those perfect pieces, from home décor accents to furniture. Don’t rush and enjoy the process of turning your home into a warm and welcoming French Countryside Farmhouse.  You’ll be glad that you did.  


Photo Credit: Kathy Kuo home                                                    Photo credit: Chelsea Zutavern








Step 1 – Your Wall Color Is The Foundation For Everything



Photo credit: Shelterness and Sherwin-Williams



Start with choosing a French Farmhouse color palette. The most commonly used colors in a French farmhouse style come from the outdoors. Think of the lovely reds and greens from the flower garden. The golden yellows from the sun and the bright blues of the sky. These can also be more muted tones for a sophisticated and calmer feel. When selecting a color try to stay with more neutral earthy shades this creates a beautiful backdrop for the room. You can bring in the other colors with pillows, curtains and other textiles. 



Photo credit: Benjamin Moore Paint

The beautiful rich Carob color (by Benjamin Moore) on the walls really makes the trim and furnishings stand out. 




Photo credit: Benjamin Moore Paint


This is another beautiful color that goes with the French Farmhouse style. The walls are done in a Jute AF-80 while the door is finished in the Exhale AF-515 to really give this a true farmhouse look. Benjamin Moore paint the Aura line.




Step 2 – Creating A Focal Point 




Photo credit: Guild Master


Choose a focal point. This could be beautiful recreation vintage French or rustic piece of furniture, an oversized wall clock or a large Old World mirror. You’ll want to have an item that will immediately draw the eye to and also be the most dominant item in the room. Texture plays a big part in this style so look for distressed furniture which gives that aged look and adds to the warm feel of the room.  This photo gives you a great example of this. The armoire that is pictured is the Pradana Armoire by Guild Master. 


Photo credit: Domino Magazine

We love how they used the fireplace as the main focal point.


Photo credit: Pinterest

Using a vintage buffet or large chest with an oversized wall clock is a great way to create a focal point in a room.





Step 3 – Adding Wall Décor


Time to dress our walls. This can be as easy as framing some wine labels that came from France or even some olive oil labels. Look for some pictures of the French Countryside this makes a nice touch. We like the Garcelle Rooster wall art for that rustic charm.  


Photo credit: New homewares

Think outdoors and use a wooden ladder to display your flowers, house plants and other items on. 



Photo credit: Pinterest QVC

We love using oversized vintage wall clocks this really creates a nice look. 



Photo credit: The French Nest

Wall mirrors are another great decorative accent to use.



Photo credit: Plum Pretty Décor and Design

 Decorative plates or plates of soft pastille colors of different sizes are also great to use. 




Step 4 – Lighting Can Change Everything


Lighting can make a big difference and can change the look of the entire room. Look at some unique chandeliers that are made from wood or wrought iron. The Adan hanging light is nice for an entry way or the Provence chandelier is perfect for the dining room or kitchen. Check out the Renaissance Invention chandelier for a unique style. Sconces are also a great way to add lighting. If this can’t be done then look at adding some candelabra’s to the room or grouping large wooden carved candlesticks together.  



Photo credit: Home Bunch


Photo credit: Kathy Kuo Home



Photo credit: Meadow Lake Road

Photo credit: Pinterest




Step 5 – Accessorizing



Photo credit: Common Ground


Now it’s all about the small little touches that really add to the space. You’ll want to collect some accent pieces and group them together. I find using uneven numbers works best when accessorizing. This is the time where you reflect your own personal interests and personality into the space to make it your own. Some great accent pieces to use are; accent pillows, decorative birdcages, Old World lanterns, vases with fresh flowers, urns, and wooden trays are a great way to add that rustic look. Oh, and let’s not forget about the ever-present rooster that is always found in this style. 



Photo credit: Do It Yourself List


Photo credit: Do It Yourself List

Old World elegance with a touch of rustic makes this a true French Farmhouse style.



Photo credit: Common Ground

Using white distressed furniture pieces along with outside pottery creates a sophisticated look.



Photo Credit: Instagram

This room has a rustic French Farmhouse style to it. The cowhide rug adds to the style along with the distressed coffee table. 



Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: My Rustic decor2

The fabric that is used in a French Farmhouse style is called Toile. Toile is a fabric that “tells a story” with a pattern often depicting farm scenes or bucolic park scenes from yesteryear. Look for a combination of toile with checks, plaids, and florals for the casual look of this style.



Step 6 – The Final Touches Bring The Outdoors In



                                                                                                                                             Photo credit: Save On Crafts                                                                                                                                                                        Photo credit: Vibeke Design                                 


Remember when decorating in a French Farmhouse style you always want to bring the outside in. An easy way to bring in the outdoors is with fresh flowers. Arrange flowers loosely in a beautiful vase or use other containers to display your arrangements. 


Photo credit: Mid City East

This table setting is simple yet elegant with the purple mums as the main centerpiece.


Photo credit: Kindred Vintage & Co. 

We love how they used an old tin container for a vase. 


Photo credit: House Beautiful

You can see how this vase of beautiful pink roses really adds to the room. 




Final Thoughts and Tips


Things to remember when decorating in a French Farmhouse style is that it is important to use natural materials when possible. Incorporate traditional French country products and motifs that include olives, sunflowers, lavender, and roosters. Colorful ceramics, tiles, and plenty of baskets wire or woven baskets, carved wood pieces, and pottery are all used for accessories when decorating in a French Farmhouse style. And the most important thing is to always have plenty of fresh flowers in baskets, an old pitcher, clear glass vases or even old tin containers everywhere! Enjoy creating your own French Farmhouse style and happy decorating. 



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