Fall Decorating Ideas


Fall Decorating Ideas



Well, here we are at the end of August and Fall will soon be knocking on our front doors. Here at Vintage Style Living we’re already starting to bring out our fall décor to create that comfy and cozy look that we all love. We have gathered some great fall decorating ideas and are excited to share them with you. Everything from decorating your front porch with beautiful lanterns to gorgeous centerpieces that will add a cozy feel to any room. So, let’s get started to see how we can transform your bright and sunny summer home into that warm and cozy look of fall.




Decorating Your Front Porch For Fall



We would like to start with the front porch since that’s the first thing that people will see when they come to your home.

In the photos below we love how they used an old galvanized bucket to create a rustic fall display. This is very easy to make and is great if you’re on a budget. Take an old tin bucket or even a planter, buy some different sizes and colors of pumpkins and gourds along with some tri-color dried corn. Fill the bottom with some straw or hay and arrange your pumpkins as you like. Add some dried flowers or accents that you like. If you’re using dried flower it’s best to have a covered porch so the rain will not damage your beautiful work of art. 



 We love how they used a pot filled with Mums for the backdrop with a cute scarecrow and some silk leaves that are wrapped around the bucket to finish off the look. 



Via: Shelterness                                                                       Via: Melissa Tallant-Gatrell


In the photo below you can see how nice a planter looks when filled with mini pumpkins and silk leaves.  An easy fall festive look. We love grouping flowers together in different size pots to create a warm and welcoming look. So, if you have the room on your porch or entrance way the photo below shows you how you can mix real and dried flowers together to achieve a beautiful fall look. 



                                   Via: Vicki Burden                                                                                                     Via: Decorfacts.com           



If you’re too busy and don’t have a whole lot of time making flower arrangements then you’ll love this easy and fall decorative walkway in the photo below. All you need is to make some time to pick out some different verities of pumpkins and some fall flowers and then group them together. That’s it and now you have a colorful and beautiful fall arrangement all done in about 10 minutes. 




Via: allthingsshabbyandbeautiful.tumblr.com



I must say that lanterns are one of my favorite things to use when it comes to decorating. They are so universal and can be used for displaying the all too cute mini pumpkins or lighting the walkway with real or LED candles.

In this photo below, we love how they used a wooden crate to provide a place for the lantern and the artificial pumpkin to sit on. They used an LED lite candle and silk leaves that you can get at any craft store to create this look. Simple yet elegant.  Remember it’s always a good idea to NOT use real candles due to potential fire hazards. They have realistic looking LED candles that have timers built in and flicker just like the real one does, no one will ever know that they’re not the real thing.

Filling your lanterns with mini pumpkins, gourds and some pine cones is just another great way to make a simple and easy decorative fall piece.


                                           Via: SAS Interiors                                                                                               Via: Thecraftingchicks.com        





Fall Decorating Tips For Inside Your Home



So now that we have our front entrance way all decked out for fall it’s time to move inside and add some fall décor. Let’s first see how we can change things up by adding some fresh fall festive flowers to the room.

In the photo below you can see how they created two great looks for fall. In one they used an apothecary jar and filled it with silk fall leaves, pine cones and some small white mini pumpkins. In the other they took a cylinder vase placed some mini pumpkins on the bottom and used an assortment of bright orange flowers and berries for a beautiful fall table arrangement. 




                      Via: Kathy @ TBD•TGG•DYSS                                                                         Via:  MCarmen A.R.                                                      




This centerpiece in the photo below is a great idea to create a fall look by using just a few things. They took a wooden tray along with some dried floral accents, an ornamental pumpkin and some candle pillars of different sizes to create this beautiful look. 


Via: The Fancy Shack




The kitchen has to be the most popular room in the home. This is where everyone gathers and seems to feel the most comfortable in. With that being said, this is the most important room in the house, so whatever you do don’t forget to add some fall décor.

When it comes to decorating our kitchen counters and islands I like to keep things clean and simple. Here are some wonderful ideas to help you add that warm fall look to your kitchen.

This is a beautiful look that they created using hurricane candle holders and a wooden tray. We love how they used the color of the counter tops with the candles and added some pine cones to the bottom of the pillars for a touch of texture. You can use anything from pine cones, gourds, artificial fruit and even some large walnuts and pecans. Put your imagination to work and come up with your own one of a kind centerpiece.  


Via: Designthusiasm.com



Love the look of this modern farmhouse kitchen that has gorgeous black granite counter tops and a simple yet elegant fall display. See how easy it is to decorate your kitchen island with a beautiful oversized lantern, a white ceramic farmhouse style vase filled with your favorite fall flowers and white pumpkins for an elegant look.                        



                                                                                          Via: Stone Gable




Table centerpieces are a beautiful way to add some fall décor to your kitchen or dining room. This is a wonderful centerpiece that will go with a vintage farmhouse style home. Here they used a wide strip farmhouse table runner and a wooden box filled it with unique ornamental pumpkins of different colors and sizes. They finished the look by using dried Hydrangea’s to add a bit of color and texture. This really complements this farmhouse style home.  


Via: Lynette’s Creations


As you can see, there is so much that you can do to decorate your home for this fall season. You don’t have to spend a lot of time making an elaborate centerpiece or front porch display. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re so busy working and taking care of the family that we don’t take the time to add a special touch to our homes. So, this fall be sure to enjoy the season and create a warm and welcoming fall look to your home.


We would like to thank you for stopping by and reading our blog today. We hope that we inspired you with ideas that are fun and easy to do.  We love to hear from our customers so please feel free to leave a comment.


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