A Rustic Summer Party Send Off



A Rustic Summer Party Send Off




Well here we are in the last days of summer and it’s all coming to a bitter sweet end. Here at Vintage Style Living we’re excited to bring you some great ideas on how to throw a Rustic style backyard BBQ. We just love a Rustic style party where everyone can relax and have a good time.

So, let’s first get started to see what type of great beverage ideas we found for your Rustic Summer Party Send Off.


The Beer Barrow



Wow, who know that you would use your wheelbarrow for something fun. We love how they used this wheelbarrow for an ice chest to serve up their cold brew. I would suggest that you line the inside with a clear plastic garbage bag so the bottles or cans will stay nice and clean. We love this idea and it fits perfectly with the rustic theme. 


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Here are some other great ideas using galvanized buckets to serve your beverages in. These are very creative and not to mention an inexpensive way to create a self-serve drink station that fits perfectly with any rustic backyard party. 


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You can’t have a summer party without the famous Mojito cocktail. We love the idea of serving them in mason jars and placing mint leaves on top of the ice for a finished look. Be sure to place straws, mint leaves and extra lime wedges on the table for easy access. 



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Creative Servers For A Rustic Look


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What a great idea to use mason jars to serve your condiments and plasticware in and then display them in old vintage wooden boxes. Don’t have any old vintage boxes laying around? You can use some distressed wooden boxes or check out our Northfork Wooden Trays collection that comes in a set of three. These are the boxes that were used for the napkin and plastic ware holder. We love the old vintage rustic look that they have.






The Smore Station is A Must Have


              Left: Via: Hi Miss Puff            Top Right: Via: Design eat and Repeat, Bottom Right: Inside out blog



You can’t have a backyard BBQ without a delicious Smore’s station that everyone will love. We found a few ideas from having a firepit, making your own campfire or just using some sternos that will work just fine.


Via: Hi Miss Puff


This first one is my favorite. I love the idea of placing everything in these big mason style jars which make for a great presentation and you can keep the bugs out when the lids are on.  This is ideal to set up close to the firepit for easy access, just make sure it’s not too close. We’d hate for all of the chocolate to melt. The galvanized tray also adds to the rustic theme. 



Via: Design Eat and Repeat



Here is another version of a great Smore’s station when you don’t have a firepit to roast your marshmallows over. No fear, you can make your delicious smores by using sternos that are easy to find at your local dollar store. We like how they mixed wooden and metal elements to create a Rustic Style Smore’s Serving Station. 


Via: Inside Out Blog



If you don’t have a firepit, but you have an area where you can make a small campfire. Then this idea might be perfect for you. Get creative and like they did here in the photo above. using tin buckets to hold all of your Smore making goodies is a great idea. Everyone will enjoy making their own while sitting around the campfire. 



BBQ Buffet Table Ideas 




In these photos above we’re going to go over some of the creative ways on how you can create your own buffet station. 




Via: http://thelarsonlingo.blogspot.com



Whenever we throw a party we like the presentation to be nice, but we also like it to be a fast and easy cleanup. This is what we really like about the photo above. The presentation is nicely done and the food is served in aluminum foil pans that are recyclable and can be easily stored in the refrigerator. We love how they are using the foil to-go tins for the plates, another great way for your guest to pack up leftovers in to take with them. 




Via: Tastefully Simple


We like how they used wooden crates to create different heights for this buffet table along with the metal eat sign. Remember to always try to mix metal and wooden elements when you’re wanting to create a rustic theme.  



Via: Catch my Party



Gotta love this old looking metal serving tower that they used for their watermelon holder. With a little brown butcher paper to line the bottom, you have an instant farmhouse look. 


Via: indulgy.com



One thing that really drives me crazy during outdoor BBQ’s is having flys ending up in the food. These large glass canisters with lids are a must have if you’re doing any outdoor entertaining. I’ve also seen these in an acrylic so you don't have to worry about them breaking outside. You can serve anything in these jars from salads, chopped fruit and much more.


Serving Up Chips and Snack The Rustic Way




We love using small tin buckets and wooden bushel baskets to serve chips and snacks in and it gives the tables a nice rustic look. Here are some great ideas that you can use to serve just about anything from chips to candy in. 


Via: The Frosted Petticoat                                      Via: Style me pretty


Here are some cute little tin buckets filled with some tasty treats. You can do so much with these buckets, just let your imagination take over. Place several tins on each table for your guests to enjoy.  They’ll add the finishing touches to your rustic style party. 


Via: Indeed Decor


Via: Anightowlblog.com



Another great idea is to use wooden bushel baskets lined with paper or a bandana for that country look.  These are easy to find at our local craft store and can be used for many different things.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these last days of summer and that you were able to get some ideas for your Rustic Summer Party send off.


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