8 Ways To Add Vintage Style & Charm To The Bedroom

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How to Add Vintage Style & Charm to the Bedroom


We confess, at Vintage Style Living, we love the charm and simplicity that vintage style adds to the bedroom.  We’ve found # illustrations of our points to show you visually how to add vintage style and charm to your bedroom.




Vintage portraits offer tons of style and appeal but they also come with a fairly hefty price tag.  A more affordable alternative is to use vintage black and white photography. You can pick up vintage photographs on all kinds of subjects from people to landscapes that will be of interest.  Invest in nice frames and matting to really make them stand out.  This wall display is a perfect illustration of the impact vintage photographs can have.



Sixteen Doors



Prop a large vintage mirror up against a wall in a bedroom and you achieve at least three things.  One, it will reflect a lot of light and anything beautiful in your bedroom.  Two, the mirror reflects everything in your bedroom, including you.  Who doesn’t love an oversized full-length mirror to decide if the outfit you have on is as perfect as you think it is. And three, an over-scaled vintage mirror will certainly provide the WOW factor.  Our case in point:



The Prairie By Rachel Ashwell



Don’t forget that your ceiling is a surface too.  Add wallpaper, ceiling tiles or a decorative paint treatment and top it off with a stunning chandelier.  You’ll get instant warmth and personality.



Anahuac Greek Village



Rugs add warmth as well as personality.  They offer a punch of color and design to what can be a somewhat boring surface. 



Our Work



Think of unusual ways to use vintage pieces.  These vintage suitcases make a great nightstand in this bedroom.



Country Home



Big rewards come when you think outside the box for lighting. In this bedroom, vintage lanterns were wired for lighting and they’re the perfect touch in this vintage bedroom.



Romantic Manor



Vintage textiles are the perfect addition to a vintage bedroom. 



Dreamy Whites



Add interest by mixing it up!  Mix vintage pieces with modern like the modern geometric prints used in this bedroom.



Contemporary Transitional Eclectic Guest Room / Office
As you can see with these 8 tips – it isn’t difficult to achieve a charming bedroom full of vintage style.  Please share your comments below on how you’ve added vintage style to your bedroom or if you need more inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest account.  We have a board specifically on vintage bedrooms.