6 Inexpensive Ways to Add Vintage Style to Your Living Room

vintage settee, lamp and suitcase with blog title - 6 inexpensive ways to add vintage style to your living room


How to Bring Vintage Style into Your Living Room


At Vintage Style Living, we’re often asked how to add vintage style without breaking the bank and without making your room look like your grandmother’s house.   Here are six ways to add vintage style to your living room.




This Boston apartment shows off a gorgeous pair of 1970’s club chairs.  If you have early marital furniture and you’re not sure if you need to start over, this is what we believe you should consider. 


  1. Is the furniture in good condition?  Don’t worry about sagging cushions that is easily taken care of – just be sure the construction is sturdy.
  2. Does it have good lines?
  3. Can you recover it in a luscious fabric and bring the piece back to life?

That is exactly what was done here and you can see they look incredible.


Boston Apartment




Consider DIY projects.  This idea utilizing white paint and vintage bottles is really inexpensive but makes a big impact in this living room.  All you do is add a little white paint to the bottle and swirl it around until you achieve the look you want.


Interiors Styling



Utilize slipcovers to produce a cohesive look.  White cotton duck is extremely durable and will still stand up to kids and pets – you may need to use a little bleach now and then. 



Vintage textiles make great DIY pillow covers.  They’re easily found at flea markets and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.


Vintage-Inspired Inglewood Cottage




Showcase collections.  In doing so, they make a big impact on your décor.  We love the stack of vintage suitcases in this room.


Keegan living room




There is a difference between an aged patina and just looking old and used.  You can see the difference and if you question it in your mind – you’re right it looks used.  That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use it.  A little paint on arms and legs of a piece or tape to create stripes on a table that needs some pizazz is an easy and inexpensive fix.


Fort Worth, TX: Misty Spencer


It really isn’t hard to add vintage style to your home and it certainly doesn’t always have to be expensive.  Follow us on Pinterest to get more inspiration and we’d love to hear how you add vintage style to your décor – comment below.