6 Great 2017 Summer Outdoor Living Trends




6 Great 2017 Summer Outdoor Living Trends 




Summer is just around the corner and it’s not too late to transform your patio or porch into a beautiful and relaxing outdoor living space. We have done the work for you to find what’s hot this summer and bring you the latest trends so you can enjoy your wonderful outdoor living space with family and friends. 



What’s on The Way Out and What to Look for This Summer of 2017


Let’s start by taking a look at what’s on the way out for this summer. This is what you don’t want, the cold and modern look of concrete along with wrought iron and the plastic faux-wood furniture. This summer you want to go with natural materials, cool soothing colors and a retro-inspired style.

Here at Vintage Style Living we like to break things down into steps for an easy and fun decorating experience.




Step 1:  Creating a Smooth Transition from Your Indoor Living Space to Your Outdoor Space. 


It’s all about bringing the indoors to the outdoors to create an inviting outdoor living area. The number one trend this year is to have a seamless transition from your indoors into your outdoor space. This is accomplished by using outdoor rugs, side tables, ottomans, throw pillows and layered blankets. One of the biggest trends this season is decorating with furniture and décor that looks like it was created for the inside of your home.

 The photo below is a great example on how to create a smooth transition from your indoor living area to your outdoor living area. Here they have all of the decorative elements that you would use inside of your home. We like how they used the colors in the throw pillows to bring out the accent color of the outdoor rug. The table ottoman and side tables are perfect and the layered blanket adds a soft relaxed feel.


Source: Country Living


We Love the soothing blue color and pattern that they used for the throw pillows and the blanket just finishes off the look. This creates such an inviting area to sit and read and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.


Source: Decor4All


This is another beautiful example on how you can create an outdoor living area in a nice area of your yard.


Source: Country Living



Step 2: Fabric and Texture


So now that we’ve talked about how to create a smooth transition let’s dive into the fabric colors and patterns to use this season. Some of our favorites include the soft coastal Maui blues paired with the bisque/ivory as shown below in this photo. 



Source: Country Living



Use splashes of patterned pillows to add texture and the feel of an inside living area. Even though the cool and soothing colors are in this season the bright and vibrant reds, oranges and yellows are still in as well. Using these colors in a patterned accent pillow will add dimension and create a cheerful relaxed sitting area. 



Source: One Kings Lane



Step 4: The Vintage Style Furniture for Outdoor Living is Back



We love that the vintage style outdoor furniture is back in and the one thing that is a huge trend for this season are mosaic tables. These are great to use for dining tables and accent tables. Look for materials of natural stone and ceramic and also glass. Bring out the colors of the tile by using chairs, cushions and pillows in the accent colors as they did here in the photo below. 


Source: Country Living


Here is another mosaic table that we love, notice the retro 70’s metal chairs in red. Love it!

Source: redlinedesignworks.net


The retro feel of the 70’s is coming back and more people are choosing the natural look of woven styles and crochet techniques that add texture to your living space. Look for rattan and wicker-inspired furniture to complete your look.


These woven wicker chairs are a fun way to add texture to your backyard.


Source: Country Living




Step 4: Outdoor Décor


Outdoor décor is just as important as it is for the inside of your home. We love decorating with ceramic candle pillars, beautiful lanterns, planters of all shapes and sizes. We love the Old World look so by using planting urns around your patio this will give you that Old World feel. Using lanterns not only gives you a decorative accent piece but also creates a relaxed or romantic feel while illuminating your seating area. We love the Jackson Square 3-piece Nesting lantern set seen in the photo below to create a warm and relaxing setting. 


These are the Jackson Square Nesting Lanterns


Source: Pomeroy


Metal wall art is also trending big this season. You can create a seating area by your fence next to your home and then use your fence or your home as a backdrop for some nice metal wall art. Here is a fun example of using wall art in the photo below.



Source: Country Living




Step 5: Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor kitchens are really hot and aren’t going out of style anytime soon. As a matter of fact, most custom home builders offer them in upgrade packages. These fully equipped outdoor kitchens started trending in 2014 and have gained a huge popularity through last year. 


Source: Kitchen and Designs


An outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean that you have a nice built-in barbeque and that’s it, the true meaning is that you have everything that your inside kitchen would have and then some. Oh, and yes for those of you thinking to yourselves even a dishwasher. Yes, they even make outdoor dishwashers…. who knew?. For a true outdoor living kitchen experience which is known as Al fresco dining these are the items to incorporate. We’re talking fridges, sinks, cabinets and storage spaces, cooktops as well as barbeques, proper lighting, and plenty of work space. Seating is also an important element in your design. You can have bar seating or if you have a large space create an outdoor dining room. The photo below shows bar seating and a covered dining room area. 


Source: Ubmicc.com


Another element that is gaining in popularity are pizza ovens, fire pits and fireplaces which make a great addition and not to mention are wonderful during the colder months. If you have a small space and you would love to have an outdoor pizza oven then the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven Cart is a perfect choice by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. See photo below.


Source: Kitchen designs



An outdoor kitchen is not only great for entertaining and having those backyard BBQ’s but they are also nice when it comes to the clean up after wards. The part I like the most about cooking outside is that my kitchen stays nice and clean. Here are some great outdoor kitchen ideas for any size backyard big or small. 


Source: Kitchen and Designs


Source: Kitchen and Designs


Source: Brit.co



Step 6: Water Features


Water features are still a big trend for outdoor living spaces this season. They create a calm and relaxing setting to your outdoor living space while adding a focal point to an area of your patio or backyard. Here are a few that we just love. 

If you would like something small that you don’t have to build or have built for you then check your home improvement stores. They have some really nice water features like this one below.


Source: Wallmart


This is a great idea for a water feature, this is called a pondless waterfall. We just love this style that is pretty much maintenance free. 


Source: urboasis.com


We love to sit outside and listen to our waterfall. It’s so relaxing and we can even hear it inside when our windows are open. We created a Japanese inspired garden for our pondless waterfall. The Phlox flowers are in bloom right now and it’s just so beautiful and so peaceful. 


Source: Vintage Style Living


Source: Vintage Style Living


We hope that we inspired you to create your own outdoor living space this season. So you can enjoy your own little paradise with your family and friends.



Happy Decorating,

Vintage Style Living